Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nokia: Nokia launches Nokia 515, feature phone with Premium build quality

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Nokia says that Nokia 515 is a classic mobile phone made with premium materials and offering high performance. It’s a model that’s equally suitable for use as your main device or as a companion to your smartphone.
The Nokia 515 has been crafted with close attention to detail, and an obsession with purity. The main body is constructed from a single piece of anodised, sandblasted aluminium, while Gorilla® Glass 2 protects the gently curved display, which is polarised for use in sunlight. For the keymat, which continues the gentle curvature, a new hardened polycarbonate resin was specially created.
The result is a lightweight, 11mm-thin body that combines the best in elegance and resilience.
The Nokia 515 sports a 2.4" QVGA display, has a 5 MP camera with voice-activated self portraits, there's a microSD slot.The cost is €115/$149 before taxes and subsidies.


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