Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Android: Change Your phone's native resolution to increase gaming performance using scripts

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This method uses scripts and is only supported on Android 4.2.2
There's no point in using this if you dont have an 1080P display


Tutorial(Thanks to Hamdir (Xda-Developers)):

- Preparations: Soft keys will be lost after resolution change, so make sure to download a hide menu buttons app like Pie Control

WARNING Floating Soft Keys or similar apps are Open GL overlays don't use them since they cause serious GPU performance loss, I have tested Pie Control with the menu buttons hidden out of view and there is no loss in performance 

- Prepartions: Sense launcher will have trouble with resolution change as well, download a stock launcher like Apex launcher 

- You will need Script Manager from the Playstore

- Run Script Manager and choose browse as root

- Using Script Manager scroll to the extracted scripts location 

- Select 1080p.sh click the su and fav icons (skull and star), click save and exit

- Go to your homescreen and add a SManager widget, select 1080p.sh

- Do the same for the rest of the resolution scripts

- Set Apex Launcher as default

- Run Pie Control, in the PIE tab enable your choice of hidden menu, like bottom, then go the LEVEL 1 and set Tools>HOME for theFIRSBUTTON and Tools>BACK for the SECONDBUTTON, now dragging up from the bottom of the screen will reveal the soft buttons

- Arrange the Script Manager widget icons on the top left of your home screen

- No you can simply press on the selected Script Manager resolution widget on your home-screen to change the resolution, hit the quit button in script manager to exit the app or use home on the hidden Pie controls

- Now you can play games at any native resolution you want, have fun!

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